Barbing salon business is one of the most profitable small business in Nigeria in which you can venture in and make profits in just no time. It’s an exciting business that lets you mix creativity with entrepreneurship. With careful study of how the business works and the cost of starting a barbing salon business in Nigeria, you can become better informed and well equipped to start the business.

In Nigeria, having barbing salons is super profitable because people really care about how they look. It’s not just about style; it’s a big part of our culture, showing self-respect and fitting in with what’s normal, so this business can be considered a hot cake.

In addition, Grooming is a big deal in Nigeria. People want their hair and beards to look neat, and they trust barbers to do a great job instead of relying on shaving sticks and razor blade. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good and following the way things are done in our society. So, if you are interested in starting up a barbing salon business, you must first consider the startup cost and the requirements. Let’s start by considering the requirements.

Requirements of starting a barbing salon business

1. Learn the Basics:
First things first, it’s good to know a bit about cutting hair. You don’t need to be an expert, but understanding the basics helps. If you’re not a barber yourself, consider attaching yourself with someone who is already a barber. And carefully observe how he barbs and treat his customers.

2. Find a Good Spot:
Think about where you want your barbing salon. Find a place that’s easy for people to see and get to. It is also best to find a place where there is no barbing salon nearby. Being close to homes or shops can bring in more customers.

3. Get the Right equipments
You’ll need some basic equipment like chairs, mirrors, and good clippers. Make your place look clean and inviting. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just neat and comfortable.

4. Get the Legal Stuff Sorted:
Make sure you’re doing things the right way. Register your barbing salon with the right authorities and get any licenses you need. This helps people trust your business and shows you’re doing things legit. You can ask other barbers nearby on how it is done, then follow suit.

5. Keep it Clean:
People like going to a clean place. Keep your salon tidy, and customers will feel more comfortable. Clean tools and a fresh atmosphere make a big difference.

6. Offer Different Services:
Don’t just stick to haircuts. Offer other services like beard trims or styling. The more you can do, the more people will want to visit your salon.

7. Tell People You’re Open:
Let people know about your barbing salon. You can make simple flyers or posters and put them where folks can see them. Offer some discounts to get people through the door for the first time.

8. Be Friendly:
A smiling face goes a long way. Be friendly to your customers, chat with them, and make them feel at home. A welcoming atmosphere keeps people coming back.

9. Keep Your Prices Fair:
Charge a reasonable price for your services. Check what other salons around you are charging and keep your prices fair. This way, you attract more customers.

10. Learn and Grow:
Finally, always be open to learning and improving. Listen to your customers, learn new styles, and stay updated. A willingness to grow and adapt will keep your barbing salon thriving.

By meeting these requirements, you are in a better position to start up an adequate barbing salon business in Nigeria.

Cost of starting a barbing salon business in Nigeria 

1. Shop renting can cost about ₦50,000–₦100,000, depending on your location and size

2. Basic equipments like chairs, mirrors, and good clippers can cost about ₦30,000.

3. If you are in a place with no constant electricity, you can buy generator of up to ₦70,000 or rather buy a rechargeable clipper and a power bank. This will help you to reduce cost and maximize profit.

4. Miscellaneous expenses can cost about ₦40,000.

Cost of starting a barbing salon business is totalling about ₦150,000–₦250,000

How profitable is Barbing salon business in Nigeria

This business is very profitable and lucrative if you know what you are doing. Just as mentioned earlier, you can maximize profit by using a rechargeable clipper following the high cost of fuel prices. And in doing this, you will also charge the normal price. This will help you make more gain in the business within a short period of time.

And if you are able to give people the kind of haircut that suits them, they are willing to pay more, just to get it. In doing this, you’re making more profit.

To analyse how profitable this business is, Let’s just say you making an average net gain of ₦1,500 per day as a beginner. This means that in one month you are making about ₦45,000. Now imagine having been into the business for 6 months to 1year. This analysis is just to exemplify how profitable Barbing salon business can be.

How to start a Barbing salon business in Nigeria

In order for you to start up a lucrative Barbing salon business, you don’t just jump into the market, you’ll first of all sit down and calculate the cost and expense. Considering carefully the requirements outlined in the beginning of this article will also help you to have an overview of what you are going into so that you don’t jump in and jump making losses. Rather, outshine your competitors, make more than them with minimal effort and dominate the market.


In conclusion, we have seen that Barbing salon business is very profitable and the requirements for starting up the business. For you to make waves in this business, carefully consider the cost highlighted in this article, before jumping into the business in your preferred location.

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