President Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced his “A Team” for the economic recovery of Nigeria


The recent selection of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneurs and academics to help tackle the economic challenges faced by the nation has received praise in many quarters. However, I would suggest a reconsideration by Mr President. I firmly believe that this team is not suitable for the current objectives of the president at this time. These are highly respected and successful entrepreneurs, but they are all round pegs put into square holes. For that reason, I predict they will fail to meet the objectives outlined by the president.


These entrepreneurs are experts in recognising and seizing opportunities to achieve great success. While this is commendable, Nigeria does not need entrepreneurs for opportunities. What Nigeria really needs are entrepreneurs of innovation. Entrepreneurs of innovation are problem solvers.


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For further details on the above headlines and others either get a printed copy of business day newspaper or better still visit their website



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