Highly Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Singapore


Having come to know that Singapore is a heaven of business investments when it comes to high return on investment (ROI), you may be wondering what particular business options you may venture into in Singapore that are highly Profitable.

This article highlights some of the highly Profitable Businesses you can venture into in Singapore some of which you can even start with little capital.

Some Highly Profitable Businesses In Singapore

The following are some of the highly Profitable Businesses in Singapore;

1. Social Media Management Services

In this digital age, social media management has emerged as a highly lucrative opportunity particularly in a country like Singapore where over 90% of the population uses the internet. With the average person spending 147 minutes per day on social media and using seven different platforms monthly, the demand for skilled social media managers is skyrocketing. Social media marketing agencies provide a comprehensive suite of services, including strategy development, content creation, and community management, and play a critical role in harnessing the power of video marketing and popular platforms like TikTok.

Why Social Media Management Businesses are Profitable In Singapore

Regarding costs social media management agencies generally have low overhead costs, enabling them to achieve significant profitability, with client earnings ranging from $1,500 to $25,000 monthly and profit margins between 11% and 20%. However, the effectiveness of these agencies hinges on their knowledge of execution, sales aptitude, ability to generate leads, and client communication skills.


2. Cleaning Services Business

Another profitable small business venture lies in the cleaning industry. With the contract cleaning industry expected to grow to nearly $100 billion by 2027, the demand for cleaning services remains consistently high. Cleaning companies in the U.S. can average a revenue of approximately $77,122.63 with owners potentially taking home around $45K after expenses. Niche services, like Airbnb cleaning, tend to offer higher margins.

Why Cleaning Business Is Highly Profitable in Singapore

Starting a cleaning business can be cost-effective and scalable. You don’t even need formal education. You just need some skill in cleaning.

Both homes and offices  require cleaning services. Entrepreneurs have various options, ranging from home cleaning to carpet and window cleaning, as well as franchising opportunities.

Success in the cleaning industry hinges on customer service and technical skills such as biohazard handling and safe chemical use. Effective marketing strategies and a responsive handling of feedback also contribute to the growth and profitability of cleaning businesses.

To start, you need to just register your business and buy the necessary equipment.

3. Real Estate Business

This is also one of the most profitable businesses to venture into in Singapore. You even start small by

I) Being A Real Estate Agent

You can do this by simply helping sellers to advertise and get buyers for their property.

ii) Selling Building Materials

You also venture into selling building materials aspect of real estate business

iii) Doing Interior Design Business

Many Singaporeans  can afford luxury homes and want to be comfortable. So, interior design business thrives very well.

4. Education:  Online Courses

The online learning industry has seen a boom in recent years, with online courses becoming a highly lucrative business. From hobbies like calligraphy and craft brewing to professional skills like business finances and accounting, online courses are driving the industry’s growth.

Creators can vary their service levels from ‘Do it Yourself’ to ‘Done With You,’ charging prices that reflect the value and assistance provided. For those seeking to provide more personalized services, the ‘Done For You’ model involves private coaching and can command the highest prices. The development cost of online courses can start from a few hundred dollars, allowing for profitable returns.

5. Auto Mechanic Business

The auto mechanic business is very profitable in Singapore because many Singaporeans love to use cars.

All you need to start is the skill, space for the work and registration of your business.

6. Digital Marketing Business

This business involves helping businesses to promote their businesses online and offline. This is very profitable given the presence of many businesses and new ones coming up in Singapore as well as very high percentage of internet users in the country.

7. E Commerce Business

This involves setting up an online store where you sell products such as food, clothes, electronics etc. This as well is very profitable in Singapore.

It is good however to note that it is not easy to run this business given the need to carefully manage inventory and avoid delays and complaints from Customers.

8. IT Business

This includes selling and installing computers, security cameras and other IT solutions. This is very profitable in view of new businesses springing up in Singapore and others that are in need of these facilities. You need to register your business first before you can go on with this.

9. Production Business

This could be production of any goods that are in high demand. This however will certainly involve huge funds outflow as initial capital but is obviously profitable.

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Income Tax And Other Advantages For Companies in Singapore

The following tax benefits in Singapore contribute to making business ventures there profitable:

1. Income Tax Exemption:

Newly incorporated companies are eligible for a 75% corporate income tax exemption on the first S$100,000 of taxable income for the initial three tax filing years.

2. Low Corporate Income Tax:

Singapore offers a competitive corporate income tax rate at a flat 17%.

3. Business-Friendly Environment:

Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to do business due to its stable political climate, transparent legal system, and pro-business policies.

4. Access to Capital:

Singapore features a well-established financial market with a diverse range of funding options available to private companies, including venture capital, private equity, and crowdfunding.

Registration Of Your Business In Singapore

This is simple. You can take the services of consultants in Singapore to do this for you even when you are outside the country.

You can get more information from one of the consultants in this website:


In conclusion, Singapore is a good investment destination with many highly profitable Businesses some of which we have discussed in this article. The country has also many tax and other benefits for businesses. All these you need to take into account when taking your investment decision.



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