Lifeline Loan App – Get Up To ₦300,000 Loan with Ease


LifeLine loan app is a lending platform in Nigeria that offers Nigerians a safe and fast online loan service. In this app, you apply for a cash Loan up to ₦300,000 naira in just a few minutes.

You can get safe and convenient cash loan service from Lifeline whose base is in Nigeria.


Loan features

Loan amount

You can get loan ranging from 3,000 to 300,000 naira

Service fee: 0.1% to 0.35% per day

Interest rate: Maximum APR is 20% per year

Repayment Period

This period ranges from 91 days – 365 days. During this period, you are expected to repay your loan.

Loan Example: for a cash loan with the principal amount of 20,000 naira with a 150 days loan period, the total service fee is N20,000*0.14%=N28, the total interest is N20,000*8.2%=N1640, and the total amount due would be N20,000+N28+N1640=N21668


Eligiblity requirements

1. 1 valid bank account

2. At least 18 years old

3. Nigerian Resident

4. 1 government-issued ID

5. Mobile phone with stable internet connection.


How to Apply for Lifeline loan 

Simply download the app LifeLine and fill in the loan application form.

Then, wait for the quick loan evaluation, if approved, the loan will be deposited.

Feedbacks From Users Of Lifeline Loan App

Many users of lifeline Loan App comment that it is a good one and indeed a Lifeline when one is in financial need.

Some users however complain that while registering and applying for loan is easy, loan processing takes a long time.

Others complain about poor customer service approach as well as delay in reflecting repayments and clearing indebtedness from app.

Contact Lifeline loan customer service


Call: 09049008610

Address: 77 awolowo way , ikeja Lagos

Please carefully read the terms and conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with a loan transaction.

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