Access Bank Mobile App – How To Use It, Reviews And Contact Details


The Access bank Mobile app also called Access More is here for you to help you open account and make seamless fund tranfers among many other services just with tap on your device.

The information provided in this article concerning this app is based on information available from the owners of the app and in no way represents the opinion of growfinance and it’s authors.

Why Go For Access Bank Mobile Banking App

The following are the main attractions of Access bank Mobile banking app:

1. Innovative:

The Access More App is an innovative mobile payment application that offers a more than banking experience.

2. Transaction Facilitation

The App is built to help their customers consummate their financial transactions, payment solutions and enjoy a lifestyle experience.

3. Account Openning

Prospective customers of the bank are welcome to become account holders by downloading the App and onboarding themselves on the platform seamlessly.

4. Technology

TheApp is built on cutting-edge technology, offering tailored and personalized services, ease of use and excellent customer experience to all our customers

Features Of Access Bank Mobile banking app

The following unique features are available on the App:

1. Quick account opening

2. Personalized theme and color scheme

3. Bespoke dashboards

4. Single click to all favorite features

5. Self QR generation for intra-bank transfers

6. Scan QR for payments

7. Investment services

8. PayDay Loan

9. Dubai Visa application

10. Movie Ticket purchase

11. Improved beneficiary management

12. Efficient bills payment

14. Inter-bank transfers

15. Simplified foreign currency transfer service

16. Airtime top-up

17. Cheque Services (New cheque book request, stop and confirm cheque)

18. Card Services (New debit card request, card block and unblock)

19. Transfers to Access Y’ello accounts


21.And lots more….


How to get And Start Using the Access More App


Simply Download and install the Access More App and then proceed as follows:

1. Existing Access Mobile App users

You can login with the same username and password and transact with their existing PIN

2. For Existing Diamond Mobile App users

You can login with the same username and password and transact with your existing PIN

3. For new users

simply open the downloaded App and register

Account Opening Using The Access Mobile Banking App

They have optimized the account opening process for a smoother experience.

They have also included the ability to help you conveniently link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your account. Login to Access More to find this under the Account category.

Sharing Your Account No Via The Access Mobile App

You can now share your account details directly from the app all you have to do is to tap the share button close to your account number.

Information For Customers In Kenya

Peaslink and Airtel Money are now available on the app for customers in Kenya.

Reviews From Users Of Access Bank Mobile banking App

For a detailed individual Customer reviews, go to Google play store for details

Contact Details Of Access Bank

To contact Access Bank for inquiries or further information on their app and other products, go to their website

In conclusion, the above information about Access Bank Mobile banking app is provided to assist you when you have need for online loan to enable  you weigh this against other options open to you so as to take an informed decision. We equally advise that you check up our posts on risks associated with online loans, savings and transactions.


Equally note that our website, growfinance, neither provides loans and other  banking services nor promotes any app over the other but merely gives information to the public based on information available from app owners


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