Capitec ussd code to send and transfer cash within the country


Capitec Bank is one of the most popular banks in South Africa known for its reliable banking services. One of the most facinating things about this bank is the introduction of the ussd code *120*3279# which can be used to send and receive money anywhere in the country

This article will discuss how to start using the Capitec bank ussd code and banking features you can unlock using that ussd code

How to use Capitec ussd code to send or transfer money

To start using  the Capitec Bank USSD code to send and transfer money within south Africa, you must first register. follow these simple steps to register:

  • Dial *120*3279# on your mobile phone.
  • Select the ‘Register’ option.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration process.
  • After registration, you’ll receive a confirmation message along with your unique PIN.
  • You are now free to start using capitec ussd code for transfers.

Capitec Bank USSD Code to Send & Transfer Money

After registering, whenever you want to transfer or send money, just Dial *120*3279# and select the option ‘Transfers’ to transfer or send money to other Capitec Bank accounts or other banks, then follow the prompts to finish the transfer.

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Balance Enquiry with capitec bank ussd code

Dial *120*3279# and select the option ‘Balance Enquiry’ to check your account balance. 

Get Capitec Bank Statement

 Dial *120*3279# and select the option ‘Mini Statement’ to view your last five transactions.

Airtime and Data Purchase using ussd code

Dial *120*3279# and select the option ‘Buy’ to purchase airtime or data for yourself or someone else.

How to Use ussd to make Payment

Dial *120*3279# and select the option ‘Payments’ to make payments to other Capitec Bank accounts or to pay bills

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