Discovery bank universal branch code for all transactions within SA


A Discovery Bank branch code is a unique set of numbers assigned to each branch of the bank. It helps identify the specific branch where your account is held, making it easier to process transactions accurately.

When you need to make a payment or transfer money to someone else’s Discovery Bank account, you’ll typically be asked to provide this code along with the recipient’s account number. This ensures that the money is routed to the correct branch and account within the bank.

Discovery bank universal branch code 

Having the correct branch code is essential for ensuring that your transactions are processed efficiently and accurately. Without this code, there’s a risk that your payment could be delayed or sent to the wrong branch, causing inconvenience for both you and the recipient. Therefore, the universal Branch Code for discovery bank is 679 000. You can use it to carry out electronic transactions in the absence of a specific branch’s code. Note that you can use it for all Discovery Bank branches.

Where Can I Find My Branch Code?

You can typically find your branch code on your bank statement, online banking portal, or by contacting Discovery Bank’s customer service team. It’s essential to use the correct branch code for your transactions to avoid any potential issues.

How Do I Use a Discovery Bank Branch Code?

When making a payment or transfer to a Discovery Bank account, you’ll need to enter the recipient’s account number and this universal branch code 679 000 accurately. This ensures that the money is directed to the correct branch and account within the bank.

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