Why Is Flypay pro Loan App No Longer On Playstore?

Recently, we have discovered that Flypay loan app is no longer available on playstore for download. The app has also been delisted by the FCCPC.

A 2023 report by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) of Nigeria listed Flypay as one of several loan apps no longer available on the platform. But you may ask, what are some of the possible reasons for delisting Flypay loan app

Possible reasons why Flypay loan app is not available on playstore

  1. Policy Violations: Loan apps may be delisted if they violate Google’s Developer Program Policies. This includes promoting deceptive or harmful financial practices, engaging in fraudulent activities, or violating user privacy.
  2. Unfair or Predatory Practices: Apps that engage in unfair or predatory lending practices, such as charging exorbitant interest rates, hidden fees, or misleading borrowers about loan terms, may be delisted to protect users from financial harm.
  3. Non-Compliance with Regulations: Loan apps must comply with relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where they operate. Failure to adhere to legal requirements, such as licensing, disclosure, or consumer protection laws, can lead to delisting.
  4. Security Vulnerabilities: Apps that pose security risks to users, such as vulnerabilities that could compromise personal or financial information, may be delisted to protect user safety and privacy.
  5. Poor User Experience: Apps with significant technical issues, frequent crashes, or a low-quality user experience may be delisted to maintain the overall quality and reliability of the Google Play Store.
  6. Spam or Malware: Loan apps that engage in spamming, phishing, or distributing malware may be delisted to protect users from security threats and maintain the integrity of the Play Store ecosystem.
  7. User Complaints or Negative Feedback: Persistent user complaints, negative reviews, or reports of abusive behavior by the app developer may prompt Google to investigate and potentially delist the app if necessary.
  8. Legal Action or Enforcement Actions: In some cases, loan apps may be delisted due to legal action, enforcement actions by regulatory authorities, or court orders requiring their removal from app stores.

Overall, Google aims to ensure that loan apps available on the Play Store adhere to high standards of transparency, fairness, and security to protect the interests of users and maintain trust in the platform. Apps that fail to meet these standards may face delisting or removal from the play store. And this is obviously what happened to Flypay.

Meanwhile, you can still download the app from other sources across the internet. But bear in mind that it is risky to do so, since the loan app has already been flagged.

Checkout some of Flypay loan features below:

Features Of Flypay Loan

Listed below are the main features of Flypay loan as specified by the owners of the app, which makes it stand out from other loan apps:

1. Wide loan range

2  the loan login is very simple

3.No paperwork

4. No collateral required

5. No pre-closure charges

6. Lower fees, and flexible payment terms as you repay

7. Allows you to borrow and Repay on your own terms

8. Loan amount: The loan amount ranges from NGN 5,000 to NGN 600,000.

9. Loan term: 91 – 180 days

10. Interest rate: The maximum APR is 36% per year, or 0.08 percent per day.

To give you an idea of Flypay loan calculates interest charges, you may do well to take a look at the example below:

Borrow ₦30,000 with a repayment period of 120 days

The total interest must be paid: ₦30,000 * 0.08 percent * 120 = ₦2,880

The total repayment bill including principal and interest is: ₦30,000 +₦2,880= ₦32,880

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Benefits Of Applying 

The following are the benefits you stand to get when you go for Flypay loan:

.1.Wide loan range

2. 100% digital process

3. No paperwork

4. No collateral required

5. No pre-closure charges

6. Lower fees, and flexible payment terms as you repay

7. Allows you to borrow and Repay on your own terms.

8. You can claim offers/deals available in the Flypay loan app and save every time you spend.

9. You can get exclusive cashback codes via SMS.



To qualify for and get Flypay loan online, you must meet the following conditions:

1. Your age age range must be between 20 and 55 years old.

2. You must be a Nigerian Citizen 

3. You must have s phone number.

4. You must have a bank account.

How To Apply For Flypay Loan

Applying for Flypay loan is simple. Just follow the steps below to apply for the loan:

• Flypay app download

Download the Flypay loan app.

• Create an account with your phone number to receive OTP.

• Flypay loan login

Flypay loan login in Nigeria is very simple. To login, just open the Flypay app and input your details like your username or phone number and password. In doing this, you’ve successfully login to Flypay pro loan app.

• Choose the product for which you want to apply.

• Fill out the application correctly, then submit it.

• Receive Profile Approval.

• Have your loan disbursed into your bank account.

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Flypay Customer Care Contact Details

In case you need more information about Flypay loan or wish to make complaints, do well to contact the Flypay customer service using the contact information details below:

Email: [email protected]

Flypay phone number:



From the above, it clear that With Flypay instant Loan, you can get up to ₦600,000 online loan instantly without collateral to attend to your urgent personal needs and repay on your own terms. We have discussed, based on the information provided by the owners of the app, the main Features of Flypay loan, it’s benefits, requirements for applying for the loan including how to apply for the loan as well as feedbacks from those who have used the loan app.

So, when you need loan, do well to weigh Flypay loan as part of the options to  think about before taking your decision.

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