How To Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD


In today’s digital age, banking transactions are increasingly being carried out on mobile devices. With the rise of mobile banking, security is of utmost importance, and Zenith Bank has taken several measures to ensure that their customers’ transactions are safe and secure. One such measure is the generation of tokens for transactions.

What is a Zenith Bank Token?

A Zenith Bank token is a security feature that is used to generate a one-time password (OTP) for transactions. It is a small device that is used in combination with your bank account to ensure that only you can authorize transactions. The device is programmed to create a unique password every time it is used, which means that even if someone else gets hold of your phone, they cannot use it to make unauthorized transactions as last long  as they do not have access to your token.

Types Of Token

There are basically two types of token used in banking transactions. These are: Hard token and Soft token, otherwise known as e-token.

Hard Token

Hard token is generated by Using the hardware token, which is the small device that generates a token code each time you want to make a transaction. No online transaction in an account that has this facility will succeed unless the token code is inserted.

Benefits Of Using Hardware Token

  • It helps add a layer of security to your account to prevent theft
  • It makes changing email or phone number on the app easier
  • It is necessary for transactions such as Remittal
  • It increases your transfer limit.

Soft Token (Also called e – token)

A Zenith Bank Customer who wishes to soft token for online transactions will request a soft token, which requires installing the Zenith e-token app.

Difference Between Hardware token and Soft token

The software token is an SMS code sent to the user when they want to perform internet transactions. The hardware is a physical device that generates different codes at different times for different transactions. This is a physical token generator for internet banking

Generate a Zenith Bank Token Using USSD.

Even though some persons may claim that it is possible to generate a Zenith Bank token via USSD code, the fact actually is that there’s really no way to generate a token for your Zenith Bank account by merely using a USSD code.

If you need a Zenith Bank token, you’ll have to visit the nearest branch to make a request. You can request either the hardware token, which is the small device that generates a token code each time you want to make a transaction, or request a soft token, which requires installing the Zenith e-token app.

The soft token comes with a big disadvantage — insecurity. An explanation for this is if you lose your mobile phone, you could as well lose your money in your account. The person who wants to take your money can easily use the token app for the transactions you did not authorize  from your stolen phone and empty your account.



Whether or not you’re a big account owner, it is advisable to get the Zenith Bank token in order to prevent funds transfer you did not authorize. As much as it might cost a little to get the token device, in the long run, it would be worth it. We hope that this article has done well to inform you about how to generate token code using USSD. In addition, we hope that you have learned one or two things about the Zenith bank token device.




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