The kashpal loan app a available to help you meet emergency cash needs by giving access to instant online loan up to the sum of NGN300,000 without Collateral.

In this article, we will based on information available from app ownets, examine some advantages Kashpal has over other loan apps, conditions for getting the loan, how to use the app to get loan up NGN300,000, reviews on the app from the users and how to contact the app owners.

Nothing in this article should be misconstrued as recommending Kashpal over other loan apps as information discussed is gathered from what is available from the app owners and in no way represents the opinion of growfinance or her authors.

Put Summarily, Kashpal is a fast and safe loan without collateral with which you can get loan anytime on the App in Nigeria.

Features Of Kashpal Loan

The following are the main features of Kashpal Loan:

1. Tenure: from 91 days to 365 days.

2. Loan Amount: from NGN 6,000 to NGN 300,000.

3. Interest Rate: from 12% to 35% APR


For example You apply for a loan with an amount of NGN 50,000 and a total term of 91days, You will get loan amount NGN 50,000

Loan amount = NGN 50,000

Loan term = 91 days

Interest rate (APR) = 20%

Total interest = NGN 2,493.15

Total repayment amount = NGN 52,493.15


Why choose Kashpal Over Loan Apps

1. You can apply a loan by your credit record. No collateral. No paperwork, Secure and Reliable

2. Limit range from NGN6,000 to NGN300,000.

3. Flexible repayment between 91days to 365days.

3. No paper work. All the steps can be done online.

4. Repay your loans in time or complete increase limit tasks to build your credit limit and reduce on interest rate.

5. We’ll send messages to remind you before and, on your repayment, due date.

How To Use Kashpal App To Get Instant Loan Up To NGN300,000

Simply follow the Several steps below get your loan:

1. Download and  Install the Kashpal Application from the Play Store.

2. Register an account with Nigerian mobile phone number.

3. Select expected loan product and loan amount.

4. Fill out your basic personal information, BVN and bank info, then submit the application.

5. After the submission, input your password, the final application result will be shown in the APP and you will be informed by SMS.

6. E-sign the loan agreement after the approval.

7. After the E-sign, the approved loan amount will be disbursed into your account shortly and a SMS notification will be sent.

Conditions For Getting Kashpal Instant Loan

To qualify for Kashpal loan, you must meet the following basic Eligibility criteria:

1. Nigeria Resident.

2. 18-60 years old.

3. Must have a Nigerian Mobile phone number


Reviews From Users Of Kashpal Loan App

Kashpal Loan app is somewhat new new and ad such reviews from users on it are limited.

Some users complain of some delays in getting OTP among other issues

For a detailed individual user Reviews, you may go to Google play store for details


CONTACT Details Of.Kashpal

In case you have any questions, inquiries, complaints or feedbacks, do well to contact them using the contact information below as they are available 24/7 to assist you with your request:

Service Email: [email protected]

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