Money Companion App – Use It To Track Your Income And Expenses

Are you searching for an app that will help you manage your personal and business accounts with ease then search no more as Money Companion app is here to help you do all these and it’s 100% ad free.

In this article, based on information provided by the app owners, we will look into the main features/benefits of money Companion app, how to get started with it as well as reviews from users of the app.

Main Features/Benefits Of Money Companion App

The following are the main Features as well as the Benefits of using of the app:

1. Money Companion is designed to keep perfect track of your day-to-day income and expenditure.


2. Accompanied by well-designed diagrams, giving a pictorial view of your income and expenses which is easy to understand.


3. Set up unlimited accounts to track income and expenditure separately from each account


4. Set up monthly spending thresholds to remind you of your spending


5. Money Companion helps you to create your goals with ease with the goal tracker feature


6. With a well-designed user interface, navigating through the app is really easy and users can switch from light mode to dark mode without having to restart the app


7. Secure your data from unauthorized people by enabling fingerprint authentication in the app


8. Export inputs in the form of Microsoft Excel or CSV to the device or send through email

How To Start Using The Mo ey Companion App To Track Your Transactions

To start using the money companion app to track your transactions simply download the app from Google play store and follow the prompts.

Reviews From Users Of Money Companion App

Many who have used used this app are happy with and recommend it highly.

Foe a detailed individual reviews visit the Google play store

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