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Get loans online and lend with ease and safety with P2Vest in Nigeria & Africa


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Get loans online, lend with ease and safety and buy your insurance policies from the  P2Vest App in Nigeria & Africa


P2Vest is a financial technology company that provides unique financial products. Expanding from their peer 2 peer lending service which brings verified lenders and eligible borrowers for the purpose of meeting their credit needs, P2Vest has now launched an insurance product that stands out in the fintech space. Simply put, in addition to users obtaining loans directly from lenders minimising the lengthy process of traditional lending significantly, P2vest is also an insurance aggregator that creates a marketplace for insurance products where users can compare offers from several insurance companies.


P2Vest Insurance Product

Their latest product, Insurance Parasol, offers a rich and trustworthy range of insurance service options on the app. They aggregate these insurance services for users to buy and get instant certificates and cover. Users can easily identify distinct characteristics of each policy to make informed decisions on which insurance product to purchase.


P2Vest Loan Product

Their P2P loan services are available for African users to either borrow money or lend money conveniently with ultimate security and respect for users’ privacy. All loans generally must be scored and if it meets a minimum of 50% credit score, it will proceed to a guarantor to approve after which it is sent to lenders on the platform. Lenders can also place funds on p2Vest and give out loans to borrowers. They earn the interest while P2Vest charges a platform fee of 30% from the interest earned.

How To Apply For And Get P2Vest Loan, Fund A Loan Or  Buy Insurance

To get started with P2Vest, simply follow the steps below:

1.   Download the app

2. Create an account.

3. Set up your Profile or lending preferences.

4. Apply for a Loan, Fund a loan or Buy Insurance

Features Of P2Vest Loan

The following are the main features of P2Vest Loan:

1. If you apply for a loan, you get scored.

2. You will receive your loan straight into your bank.

3. Increase your loan limit when you complete your KYC.

4. P2Vest provides flexible interest rates calculated based on credit scores.

5. Their focus is micro credits, and the values range from N5,000 to N100,000.

6. You must be at least 18 years at your last birthday to be considered for a loan.

7. The loan tenor can be between 60 to 180 days, customers are allowed the option to choose tenor. A loan could be as low as 2% per month and as high as 20% per month. This could translate to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of between 24% to 48%.


A typical example is this: If you choose to get a 6-month loan of N10,000, P2Vest charges an interest rate of 30% APR. They would charge you N1,500 as the total interest amount for the 6-month period so that your total repayment of interest + principal at the end of your loan would be N11,500.


8. REPAYMENT TERMS FOR ALL LOANS :Depending on the loan amount for which you are eligible, you have the option to choose repayment terms for up to 180 days. With p2Vest you can choose the best loan term that meets your needs.


Making Insurance Claims on P2Vest

Claims on all Insurance Policies bought through Insurance Parasol can be made on the P2Vest App. It is seamless and you could monitor the claim status till you get paid.



When processing your loan request for eligibility and sharing with available lenders on the app for funding, they look at several signals, such as your credit score, past loan performance, etc. They require that loan applications be filled with the correct information as any falsification could delay your loan request, or your profile may be blacklisted. For cases of fraud, you may be reported to the authorities.


Feedbacks From Customers Of P2Vest

Many customers of P2Vest who have used the app to access their services comment that it works well and they are happy with it. They also commend the prompt support they received from P2Vest customer service.

However, some customers of P2Vest are not happy with the app as it malfunctions sometimes making it  difficult to complete the registration process and get their loans in good time.


CONTACT Details Of P2Vest

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, do well to  contact P2Vest at  [email protected].

In conclusion, the above information about P2Vest Loan app is provided to assist you when you have need for loan to enable  you weigh this against other options open to you so as to take an informed decision.


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