Payattitude Digital
Payattitude Digital is the 1st and only multibank USSD and App for POS, ATM, Web and person to person transactions with just phone number. Payattitude digital is linked to a subscriber/customer’s Debit or prepaid account enabling the subscriber/customer to debit his/her account(s) for different payment transactions.
Accounts can be linked or created by simply downloading “Payattitude Digital” app from the app store or by dialing *569# (USSD). Subscribers can conveniently and securely carry out transactions by themselves or through family, friends and staff by simply entering the subscriber’s telephone number at POS, ATM, Web or Mobile device. The subscriber is then located and requested to authorize transactions by entering their 6-digit PIN on their personal devices.
Built on a convergent platform around lifestyle, habits and attitude of various consumers that value convenience and security, it can be used also for different payments including C2B (Consumer-to-Business), P2P (Peer-to-Peer), G2P (Government-to-People), Collections by membership associations or organizations such as clubs, worship organizations etc.
Payattitude Digital Collection Solution


Offerings, dues and contributions can now be collected easily by just inputting members’ mobile numbers and they receive notifications on their mobile phones to authorize the transaction and the collector is credited immediately.

Pay Attitude Corporate

Payattitude Corporate, an end-to-end secure and convenient payment solution that provides corporate organizations the ability to make payments to the unbanked population through the creation of prepaid accounts and authorize bulk payments all with phone number while also promoting financial inclusion and digital money for the unbanked through the use of phone number.
For the prepaid accounts created via Payattitude Corporate, the account holders/employees will be able to access the funds from their accounts through cash withdrawals at ATMS or Agent locations through Agency banking and make payments through phone number. The solution supports usage on mobile app for smartphones and USSD.


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