PrimePay Loan App- Get Up To ₦250,000 Instantly


PrimePay loan app is a legit loan app in Nigeria that offers instant cash to customers who apply and are approved. This loan app gives out unsecured loan to people. This implies that you do not need any paperwork, collateral or upfront payment to get loan.

PrimePay loan app makes it safe and efficient for you to access loan credit anytime, anywhere. The application process takes just a few steps. Don’t need any deposits or guarantees.

PrimePay loan features

Loan amount: This ranges from ₦4,000 to ₦250,000 with terms from 91–180 days.

Interest rate: ranges from 15%–60% with an equivalent monthly interest of 5%–20% and APR of 60%- 240%.


If you choose a 91-day loan and borrow ₦5,000, the interest rate is 5% per month and the interest rate is 15%,

they would charge you ₦750 as interest of 91-day repayment period. So the total amount of repayment is ₦5,750.

Steps to get PrimePay loan with ease

1.Sign up PrimePay

2.Fill up basic information for approval

3.Receive your loan straight into your bank account.


What are the advantages of PrimePay?

1.No paper work,no line up

2.No collateral

3.No hidden fees,no rollover charge

4.All the steps can be done online.

5.Your data is totally safe with us.

6.Don’t worry about forgetting repayment. We’ll send messages to remind you.

7.We are available 24/7 to assist you.

8.Secure and reliable loan.



Eligibility requirements

1. Nigeria Resident;

2. 20-60 years old.

3. Active phone number

4. Active bank account

5. Mobile phone with stable internet connection

Feedbacks From Users Of PrimePay Loan App

Many users of PrimePay loan app comment that it is very fast and works well as specified.

Some users however, complain that the app malfunctions sometimes and that the interest charges are high.

PrimePay customer care service

Customer Service Email:

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