Quickbucks Instant Loan App – How To Use To get loan loan, Reviews And Contact Details

With Quickbucks instant Loan app you can have access to various loan products that are available from Access bank.

In this article, based on information available from Access bank PLC , owners of QuickBucks app, we will look into the various loan products of the bank which you can access via this app, how to get and start using the app as well as how you can contact the bank to resolve issues.

What Is QuickBucks App

QuickBucks is the Instant Loan Application from Access Bank.

The application is available to both customers and non-customers of Access Bank.

QuickBucks is a Mobile Banking Application for digital loans.

It is a platform for all loan products aimed at improving your borrowing experience – for retail Loans, Credit Card, Debit Card, Consumer Durable Loans and Device Financing loan requests.

Access Bank Loans You Can Get Through Quickbucks

With QuickBucks, you can get the following loans from Access Bank:

PayDay Loan

– Salary Advance

– Small Ticket Personal Loan

– Device Financing

– Vehicle Finance

– Mortgage

How To Start Using Quickbucks App To Get Loan

To get started with Quickbucks, simply follow the following steps:

1. Download the app from Google play store..

2. Click on signup and enter your email address and BVN-linked phone number.

3. An OTP will be sent to your phone number which will be used to validate app.

The OTP will be sent to you via SMS for verification

I. If SMS is unsuccessful, you can request OTP to be delivered via a voice call Or

ii. Request a push message from the App- the app sends an encrypted message to a short code. The message is decrypted and validation is done. This functionality is only applicable to customers using their BVN linked phone number for the transaction.

Upon OTP validation, create an app password (to be used to log into the app) and PIN (to be used in transacting)

4. Proceed to update your profile and update your details Input personal details. This includes:

i. Location

ii. First Name, Last Name, Other Name

iii. Date of Birth

iv. Occupation – Salaried or Self Employed

v. Place of work

vi. Salary Bank Name

vii. Bank Account Number

viii. Closest Branch

ix. BVN

x.. Monthly Salary Amount

Then agree/consent to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Continue the signup process by choosing your preferred password and 4-digit PIN (which will be used for authenticating all transactions)

6. Accept the T and Cs and proceed to submit and sign in with your newly created credential


Main  Features Of Quickbucks App

The following are the main Features of Quickbucks app:

1.  Flexibility to sign in with your email address or phone number and password.

2. Fingerprint authentication for easier login

3. A holistic view of all eligible loan facilities

3.View active loans

4. View nearby points of interest like supermarkets, bank branches and shop seamlessly without any collateral


Reviews From Users Of Quickbucks App

Many users of the app who have used it to access loans are happy with it particularly on speed of transactions.

However, some users are unhappy with the app.

For a more detailed Individual reviews, go ti Google play store.

Contact Details Of Quickbucks/Access Bank

For more information on the app or contact the app owners access bank, go to the website:



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