Sharp Credit Loan App – Get Up To ₦500,000 Online Loan Instantly

With sharp Credit Loan, you can get up to NGN500,000 loan instantly to attend to urgent personal or business needs. Customers can get qualified loan products on SharpCredit anytime.

The information provided in this article concerning this app is based on information available from the owners of the app.

Welcome to download and use SharpCredit. Customers can get qualified loan products on smart phones anytime.

SharpCredit can give loans to help everyone in Nigeria who need money to grow their businesses, go shopping or any other emergencies.

If you are embarrassed to borrow emergency money from friends, SharpCredit would like to help you get through the hard time.



Advantages of SharpCredit Loan

1. 100% online process & 24×7 access to loans: Only with one mobile, Customers can apply a loan anywhere anytime.

2. Computer automatically reviewed: Customers get the review result soon and once approved, loan amount will be immediately disbursed to user’s bank account.

3. High initial loan amount and long loan tenure.

4. 24×7 access with no other fees.

5. Protecting all your personal information

Please note: Unsuccessful application will not incur any fees


Why SharpCredit

1. 100% online process & 24×7 access to loans

2. Computer Automatically reviewed

3. High initial loan amount

4. No membership fees

5. No Credit report required

6. No collateral requirements needed.

7. Available across Kenya.

8. Variety of convenient repayment methods.

9. High quality of customer services.



Terms And Conditions For Getting loan from SharpCredit:

You must be:

1. 18 years or above

2. Nigerian citizens

3. With regular source of income


How to APPLY For SharpCredit Loan

1. Download SharpCredit app.

2. Register an account with your phone number

3. Fill in basic information

4. Submit the application

5. Wait for approval



Product Features Of Sharp Credit

1. Loans Amount: NGN 7,000 to NGN 500,000

2. Loan Tenure: 91 days ~ 365 days

3. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 10%~22%



If the loan amount is ₦20,000 for 91 days (3 months), the APR is 20%, the interest and total amount to pay on the due date is

Interest: ₦ 20,000 * 20% / 365 * 91 = ₦ 997

Principal repayment = ₦20,000

Total amount of repayment: ₦20,000 + ₦997 = ₦20,997

As the repayment period is for 3 months:

Monthly repayment is ₦20,997 / 3 = ₦6,999



Security For SharpCredit Loan

Don’t worry about your personal information. SharpCredit promises that it is safe and we will not share it to anyone without your consent.


Feedbacks From Users Of Sharp Credit Loan App

Many users of Sharp Credit Loan app comment that it is very fast and meets their demand as long as the user meets the Sharp Credit Loan requirements.

However, some users complain about delays in disbursement of their approved loans, difficulty in repaying due loan promptly as well as poor approach of Customer Service officials.

Any questions about using SharpCredit, please contact SharpCredit.

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Address: SW14/9 Akerele Street, Yaba area, Akoko Akure, Nigeria, 342110

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