SnapCash Loan App Review, requirements and how to apply for loan

With SnapCash you can get up to NGN100,000 instant loan as it offers everyday to Nigerians, cash in a snap, just when you need it.

The information provided in this article concerning this app is based on information available from the owners of the app.

Enjoy quick loans of up to N100,000 without collateral and tedious paperwork. You also get paid when you refer someone as well as buy airtime without stress on the SnapCash mobile app!


Features and Benefits Of SnapCash Loan App

Below are some of the main features and benefits of SnapCash loan app;

1. Enjoy Quick Loans

With SnapCash, you get fast loans of up to N100,000 at affordable interest rates.


2. Start banking

Sign up to SnapCash and get an instant savings account with Sterling Bank, allowing you to have the best of banking with bill payment, airtime purchase and tons of extra financial services.


3. Be rewarded for loyalty

The more you use SnapCash, the better the opportunities and goodies available for you. The more you back your loan, the higher your eligible amounts and the cheaper the interest rate.



Requirements For SnapCash Loan


Their loans are accessible to users who are 21 years of age or above. They may also require that you submit your bank statement and a valid identification document during the loan application process. Depending on the loan amount you are eligible for, you can repay the loan from a 61 day to a 90 day period.

SnapCash Loan Interest Rate

Their minimum interest rate, which is determined by their credit scoring algorithm, is 3% per month and a maximum of 10% per month. This comes to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 36% to 120%.



If you get a personal loan product of N10,000 to pay back over a 2-months tenor at an interest rate and fees of 3% per month (36% APR), you will be paying back N600 in interest. Making your total Principal + Interest repayment of N10,600 only.


With SnapCash, they aim to provide credit to Nigerians like never before. Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction right at your fingertips.

Feedbacks From Customers Of SnapCash

Many customers of SnapCash loan app comment that it works well and very fast particularly in the registration process.

Some Customers of SnapCash however complain that that the app sometimes malfunctions causing delays in the loan disbursement among other difficulties.


Contact Details Of SnapCash

Need support? Chat in-app, call +234 17004271 or email [email protected] any time. There’s no need for branches and no need to make an appointment.



SnapCash is a consumer product from Sterling Bank Plc. and is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


In conclusion, the above information about SnapCash loan app is provided to assist you when you have need for loan to enable  you weigh this against other options open to you so as to take an informed decision.


Equally note that our website, growfinance, neither gives loans nor promotes any loan app over the other but merely gives information to the public based on information available from app owners

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