Tyme bank interest rate: Goalsave interest for fixed deposit


Tyme Bank offers competitive interest rates on its savings accounts, allowing customers to earn interest on their deposits. The interest rates may vary depending on the type of account you have and prevailing market conditions. Generally, the more money you save and the longer you keep it in your account, the more interest you can earn.

GoalSave interest is earned in steps over the life of the account, with the 5% per annum rate applied for the first 30 days, 6% applied for the next 60 days, and a rate of 7% is applied from then on. Interest is calculated daily, based on end-of-day balances.

Benefits of Tyme Bank Interest Rates:

  1. Grow Your Money:
    • By earning interest on your savings with Tyme Bank, you can grow your money over time without having to do anything extra. Your savings will gradually increase as interest accrues on your account balance.
  2. Compound Interest:
    • Tyme Bank offers compound interest, which means that you earn interest not only on the money you deposit but also on the interest you’ve already earned. This compounding effect can help your savings grow faster over time.
  3. Stability and Security:
    • Tyme Bank’s interest rates provide a stable and secure way to grow your money, as your savings are protected by the bank’s safety measures and regulatory oversight.

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