Are you looking for a good online loan app for the purpose of borrowing money online instantly to to care for an urgent financial need? Then search no more as Z Cash loan app is available and ready to help you have immediate online access to up to the sum of NGN500,000 without Collateral.

Put simply, Z Cash provides you Fast And Easy Online Loan.

The information provided in this article concerning this app is based on information available from the owners of the app and in no way represents the opinion of growfinance and it’s authors.

Z Cash offers users in Nigeria easy access to loans of up to ₦ 500,000, which can be applied for free online.

In this article, we will examine the legitimacy of the app, it’s loan features, requirements, how to apply for the loan as well as reviews from her Customers.

Legitimacy Of Z Cash Loan App

The Federal competition and consumer protection commission (FCCPC) is a Nigerian Federal Government Commission aimed at protecting consumers including loan product consumets from unfair business practices. FCCPC as part of it’s mandates has approved some loan apps. follow this link to access the full list in the FCCPC website to check up yourself.

Features Of Z Cash Loan

The following are the main features of Z Cash Loan Products:

1. Tenure: 91 -180 days

2. Loan Amount: from ₦ 3,000 to ₦ 500,000.

3. Annual interest rate (APR):10% – 34%


For example, if the loan amount is ₦ 10,000, the annual interest rate is 10%, and the loan term is one year.

The details of payment due are as follows

Interest: ₦ 1,000 = 10,000*10%

Total amount to repay: ₦ 11,000 = 10,000+1,000

Requirements To Apply For And Get Z Cash Loan

To qualify to apply for and get Z Cash loan, you must meet the following basic eligibility criteria:

1. You must be aged 18-60 years old.

2. You must have a Valid phone number

How To Get Z Cash Loan Instantly

Follow the steps below to get Z Cash loan instantly:

1. Download the app Search“Z Cash” from the Google Play Store and download it.

2.Register Sign up with your phone number.

3.Apply for loan. After that, the money will be received to your bank account.

Data Security With Z Cash

Your data is completely safe with them. Read through their privacy policy


Reviews From Customers Of Z Cash Loan App

Many customers of Z Cash who have used the app to access loan comment that the app works well and fast too. They also comment that the interest charges are low. They are happy with the app.

Some Customers of Z Cash however complain that the app sometimes malfunctions resulting in delays in loan processing .

For a detailed Individual reviews from Customers, follow this link to playstore.


Contact Details Of Z Cash

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Address: 21 St Finbarr’s College Rd, Akoka 102216, Lagos

In conclusion, the above information about Z Cash loan app is provided to assist you when you have need for online loan to enable  you weigh this against other options open to you so as to take an informed decision. We equally advise that you check up our posts on risks associated with online loans, savings and transactions.


Equally note that our website, growfinance, neither provides loans and other  banking services nor promotes any app over the other but merely gives information to the public based on information available from app owners

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