Zcash Loan App: How To Get Loan And Customer Care Service


Zcash loan app is a Fast And Easy Online Loan App. This loan app offers users in Nigeria easy access to loans of up to ₦ 500,000, which can be applied for free online. You do not need any paperwork, upfront fee nor collateral to borrow loan from z cash loan app. All you just need to do is to follow simple application steps and receive your loan. 

In this article, we are going see the amount this loan app offers, the tenure, interest rate, the requirements needed to get a loan from zcash loan app and the customer care details

Loan Tenure:

This loan app offers loan to customers for them to pay back within 91 -180 days.

Loan Amount

Zcash loan app offers loan ranging from ₦ 3,000 to ₦ 500,000.

You should note that as you pay back your loan on time, you are increasing your loan credit limit and you will be eligible to borrow higher amounts next time.

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Interest rate

Annual interest rate (APR):10% – 34% per year.

For example, if the loan amount is ₦ 10,000, the annual interest rate is 10%, and the loan term is one year.

The details of payment due are as follows
Interest: ₦ 1,000 = 10,000*10%
Total amount: ₦ 11,000 = 10,000+1,000

Zcash loan requirements

1. Must be between 18-60 years old.

2. Must have a Valid phone number

3. Must have an Android phone with stable internet connection

4. Must have a stable source of income

5. Must grant necessary permissions in the app

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How to get zcash loan

1.Download and install the app Z Cash from the Google Play Store

2.Register and Sign up with your phone number.

3.Apply for loan.

4. The money will be received to your bank account.

How safe is this loan app?

Zcash loan app will not share your data with any third parties without your consent. Your data is completely safe with them. To read more about them, check out their privacy policy

Zcash customer care service 

If you have any questions, feedback or enquiry regarding this loan app, you can contact them through the details below:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Address: 21 St Finbarr’s College Rd, Akoka 102216, Lagos

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So far in this article, we’ve seen that zcash loan app is a very good option in getting instant loan of up to ₦500,000 to satisfy your personal and business needs. Don’t forget to borrow wisely and read the customer reviews on playstore before downloading the app.

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