With the prevailing economic situation in this country, it is very important that one is mindful of expenses with a view to reducing your costs so as to cope.

One of the main expense items that is worth looking at with a view to reducing it’s cost is cost of making calls. Whether in business or personal life, calls are inevitable. So efforts at reducing costs of call is worthwhile.

This article looks into several approaches to make phone calls in a more more affordable way in Nigeria.

Available Options To Reduce Cost Of Calls

The following are some of the available options:

1. Choose the Right Mobile Network:

Selecting a cost-effective mobile network is fundamental to reducing call expenses. Different carriers offer varying call rates and packages. Research and compare the tariffs of major service providers to identify the one that aligns with your communication needs and budget.

2. Checkthe tariff plan most suitable for you

Most times network subscribers just recharge without knowing the tariff plan they operate. This is dangerous costwise. A subscriber should check the plans of network service providers to know which is best applicable to subscribe. This can be done by calling your customer care service

3. Utilize VoIP Services:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber allow users to make calls over the internet, often at far lower rates than traditional voice calls. Leveraging these apps for local and international calls can result in significant savings.


4. Specialized Calling Apps:

Consider using specialized calling apps designed for low-cost international calls. Apps such as Rebtel and Dingtone offer affordable rates for both local and international calls, providing an alternative to traditional mobile networks..

5. Look for competitive call rates amongst networks

Find out from friends or relatives which network is cheaper to operate i.e. which is most suitable for your most preferred callers. For example, MTN have a prepaid plan called family and friends, it allows you to call 10 MTN numbers of your choice at just 10 kobo per second. Also for others like Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat.

The following are some of the networks and the products:

1. Glo Mobile:


Glo has been known for providing cost-effective call rates, especially within its network. They frequently introduce various plans and promotions that may offer favorable rates for both local and international calls.



2.  MTN Nigeria:


MTN often features diverse call bundles and plans, and some of these may offer competitive rates. Users can explore MTN’s offerings to find options that align with their budget and communication needs.


3. Airtel Nigeria:

Airtel is recognized for its affordable call rates, and they regularly introduce promotional offers and packages. Users can check Airtel’s current plans to find cost-effective options for their calling patterns.

4. 9mobile:

9mobile, with its various call packages, may offer competitive rates for both local and international calls. It’s worth exploring their plans to identify options that suit your communication preferences.

6.Take advantage of network recharge bonus


It is interesting to know that some networks operator’s gives bonuses to subscribers when they recharge a certain amount of airtime. For example, Etisalat network have the double recharge option.


7. Use free call opportunity

If you need to talk for a long time of about four hours or less, all networks do free night call but the terms and conditions varies. Glo and Etisalat requires that a subscriber must recharge at least 100 naira in a week to enjoy the service for seven days, MTN requires that you must have a balance of 100 naira to use the service, and Airtel network requires you to make use at least 100 naira in a day to use the service.

Some networks have plans that award subscribers free seconds depending on how well they receive calls.


8. Make use of social media

You do not necessarily need to always make calls. You can choose to send SMS, or if your mobile is internet enabled you could opt for chat applications. For example, Whatsapp mobile application, Facebook chat, e-mails e.t.c

There are some call applications that are free of charge, so far the recipients also has the application on his/her device, you make your call free e.g. Viber, BBM and Facebook call.

You may also want to seek a cheaper and better means of communication with your loved ones abroad; you can try Skype application on mobile and P.C.


9. Subscribe to more than one network

This enables a person who makes high volume of phone calls, to subscribe to the network that charges per- second billing (which is usually at a much reduced rate) to make more calls and pay less. And at the same get subscribed to another telephone network, which offers other special benefit(s), probably on data for browsing, bonus for SMS, and so on.


10. Take advantage of the Home Zone offers

Some networks have bundles that provide for discounted rates for calls made within a particular area.

You do well to explore and utilize this when available.

11.Take Advantage of Call Bundles:

Many mobile networks in Nigeria offer call bundles or packages that provide discounted rates for a specific duration. Evaluate the available bundles and choose the one that suits your calling patterns, whether for local or international calls.


12. Use Call-Back Services:

Call-back services enable users to initiate a call at a lower rate by having a third-party service connect the call. While this method requires some setup, it can be cost-effective, especially for international calls.


13. Time Your Calls Wisely:

Some mobile networks offer discounted call rates during specific hours or on certain days. Understanding these promotional periods can help you schedule your calls for maximum cost savings.


14. Employ Call Credit Management:

Keep track of your call credit balance to avoid unnecessary charges. Set up alerts for low balances and monitor your usage patterns to ensure that you are not overspending on calls.


15. Consider Dual SIM Phones:

Dual SIM phones enable users to take advantage of different network tariffs simultaneously. By using a combination of networks with lower call rates, you can optimize your communication costs.


For more information on this subject you may visit the nation website.


From this article it is obvious that when considering the reduction of phone call cost, you need to think of factors such as your calling patterns, preferred destinations (local or international), and the network coverage in your area. Additionally, regularly checking for promotions and updated plans from these providers can help you find the most economical options based on your communication requirements.

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