UBA Transfer Codes – How to transfer money from UBA account Using your Phone

United Bank  for Africa, also called UBA for short prides itself as the African global bank and rightly so as it has very dominant many presence in Nigeria, the giant of Africa as well as presence in some other African countries. . UBA has made financial transactions easy and convenient for its customers. One of the services that UBA provides is the use of its USSD codes for transactions. These codes have made banking much easier and faster. UBA transfer codes make transferring money from one account to another seamless and convenient. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about UBA transfer codes.

What UBA transfer codes?
UBA transfer codes are USSD codes that allow customers to carry out financial transactions through their mobile phones. The USSD codes enable UBA customers to transfer funds, check account balances, and carry out other banking activities from their mobile phones.

How to Register for UBA transfer codes
If you are a UBA account holder, it’s easy to register for UBA transfer codes. Here are the steps to follow:

There are actually two options:

To choose, dial *919# with the phone linked to the UBA account to see the Main Menu and select your desired option. If the user is not yet registered, she/he would be presented with registration options:
With UBA Account
With UBA Prepaid Card.

Then you proceed with the registration.

For simplicity however, the steps to register for or activate the UBA USSD coded can be summarized as follows:

To use the *919#, you must register it on your mobile phone. Below are the required steps to activate and use the UBA bank USSD code with an ATM prepaid debit card:

  1. Dial the code *919# on your UBA bank registered mobile phone. Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile.
  2. Select ‘Prepaid with PIN’ option
  3. Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM debit card
  4. Create a unique USSD PIN
  5. Then, confirm your USSD PIN
  6. Receive a successful activation message.

Then you’re set to start transferring money from your UBA account using your phone via USSD codes.

How to Transfer Money with UBA Transfer codes

Using UBA transfer codes, you can transfer funds to other accounts in UBA or other banks. Here are the steps to follow:

For transfers to UBA Accounts

1.Dial *919*3*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA,

2. Then follow the simple steps you will be prompted to take.

3. Enter your UBA PIN to confirm the transfer.

For Transfers to other Bank Accounts:

Dial *919*4*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA.

2. Follow the menu prompts.

3. Enter your UBA PIN to confirm the transfer.

Benefits of  UBA Transfer Codes

There are many benefits of using UBA transfer codes. Some of these benefits include:

1. Convenience: With UBA transfer codes, customers can carry out financial transactions from their mobile phones. This means that they do not have to visit a bank or ATM to carry out transactions.

2. Availability: UBA transfer codes are available 24/7, which means that customers can carry out transactions at any time of the day.

3. Fast and Efficient: UBA transfer codes make transferring money from one account to another fast and efficient. This means that customers can send and receive money in real-time.

Other  benefits of using of using UBA codes include the following:

  • You can bank anywhere and anytime
  • Open an account in minutes.
  •  Option to upgrade account to higher transaction limits
  • It’s a convenient way to send money

Main Features of UBA Transfer Code

  • Works with phone numbers registered with UBA
  • Subject to phone network signal
  • Money is deducted directly from your UBA account
  • Transaction requires your UBA PIN to authenticate it.


The African global bank UBA,  has really made banking easy for her customers by putting in place the use of 919 code for transfers and other transactions. If you are a UBA customer but hasn’t yet registered for the use of this code, you should do well to consider keying to the service in view of it’s many benefits outlined above. For further information on this subject feel to contacts the customer Care unit.


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