Kredete App – Transact And Get Connected Easily To Quick Loans

Kredete app helps you by Simplifying Credit, helping you know your credit score and linking you to quick lenders. 

This app also simplifies payments in the sense that it helps you to make payments and Transfers with ease.

The information provided in this article concerning this app is based on information available from the owners of the app and in no way represents the opinion of growfinance and it’s authors.

What Kredete  App Is All About

Kredete is a digital lending marketplace that helps Africans access credit tailored to their needs by providing them with their approval odds before they apply, while also helping lending companies grow their businesses and increase revenue.

Features Of Kredete App

The following are the main features of Kredete app:

1. Kredete is a financial institution created essentially for the liberation of Africans from the shackles of credit bureaus and banks,

2. This app introduces a new technological dispensation where you can access, calculate and analyze your credit scores and loan power.

3. Kredete creates a very transparent and responsive system where customers are brought up to date with their kredete scores and what it comprises (i.e., how the scores came to be, why it is that high or low, and tips to build the scores). 

Aim Of Kredete App

Kredete’s goal   is to become a virtual middleman between its users and lending partners, giving both parties assurance that loans will be granted and paid back in due time, respectively.


The Kredete App is one of a kind in Africa. It helps users keep up with their finances from their phones. From your phone you can request for your credit report, get access to loan recommendations and credit products that suit your needs at no cost. The Kredete App gives you everything you need to stay on top of your credit finances. Kredete dey for everybody..

Reviews From Users Kredete App

Many who have used the Kredete app are happy with the app. They comment that it helps them to know their credit score and links them to quick loans they can access. Others are happy with the ease in the app registration process.

Some users of Kredete app are however unhappy with the app. They complain that the app sometimes malfunctions making completion of registration process difficult particularly in KYC area. Others complain that they found it difficult to link their bank account with the app. Others also lament that the monies they transferred to the app were yet to reflect on the app.

For a more detailed Individual Customer reviews go to Google play store.

In conclusion, the above information about this Kredete app is provided to assist you when you have need for online loan to enable  you weigh this against other options open to you so as to take an informed decision. We equally advise that you check up our posts on risks associated with online loans, savings and transactions.


Equally note that our website, growfinance, neither provides loans and other  banking services nor promotes any app over the other but merely gives information to the public based on information available from app owners such the owners of this Kredete loan app.

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