Lucky Loan App – How to apply, requirements and customer care

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Lucky Loan is a professional Loan Platform for mobile users that allows you to get up to ₦50,000 loan with ease and without collateral when you need cash urgently.

Lucky Loan makes it easy and convenient for everyone to get loans anytime with no stress. In this article, we will discuss the main features, terms and conditions, how to apply for and get lucky loan as well as some Feedbacks from users including other information you may require while considering the use of this loan app.

Main Features Of Lucky Loan

Based on the information available from the owners of Lucky loan app, we can isolate the following main Features of Lucky Loan:

1. Loan amount: Lucky Loan platform can give you loan between ₦1,000 and ₦50,000

2. Loan term: With Lucky Loan the shortest term  is 91 days, the longest is 180 days.

3. Interest:  Maximum annual interest rate for Lucky Loan is between 16% and 21% APR
Service Fee: 0

To give you an idea of how lucky loan platform arrives at interest payable on your loan, take a look at the example below:

The customer borrows: ₦1,000 for 180 days (6 months), the APR is 7.9% (for 6 months- 7.9×2 for 1 yr ie pa)
So the total Interest would be ₦1,000 * 7.9% = ₦79
The monthly payment would be (₦1,000 + ₦79 )/6 = ₦179

Benefits Of Lucky Loan

On the basis of the information provided by the owners of the lucky loan app, the following benefits will accrue to you when you use the lucky loan platform:

1. Lucky loan allows you access to loan up to ₦50,000 without stress at reasonable interest rate.

2. Safety
Lucky Loan will protect all consumer information and ensure user privacy. Also, keeps your data and all transactions safe.

-3. Fast
Your application will be approved quickly and easily, and funds will be paid to the user’s personal account immediately.

-4. Excellent service.
Customer servicers will always be ready to help users solve the matters they meet

Terms And Conditions For Getting Lucky Loan

Listed beloe are some of the  terms and conditions for getting Lucky Loan:

1, Age Limit : To use  Lucky Loan app you must be aged between 18 and 60 years old.

2. Stable Job: You must have a stable job or source of income.

-3. Bank Account and Card: To access luck loan you must have a working bank card account

How To Apply For Lucky Loan

To Apply for Lucky loan is very simple. Just take the steps below:

1. DownloadLucky Loan app from google play store.

2. Follow the prompts in registering and applying for loan accordingly

Feedbacks From Users Of Lucky Loan App

Many users of Lucky Loan app comment that the app is good and fast and is good to use when one is in urgent need of cash.

Some users of Lucky loan app however complain of poor customer service in promptly responding to requests and complaints from users, delay in updating repayments and poor handling of customers who default in adhering to repayment terms.

Contact Details Of Lucky Loan Customer Service

If you have any problems during use of Lucky Loan app or need more information about the app or want to make.cpmplaint,

do well to contact lucky loan Custmer Service using the email address below:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]


So far in this article, we have seen that Lucky Loan is a professional Loan Platform for mobile users that allows you to get up to ₦50,000 loan with ease and without collateral when you need cash urgently.

We have as well seen the features and benefits of using Lucky Loan app in addition to the feedbacks from users. So when you have urgent need for cash and in need of loan to fill the need, do well to add Lucky Loan app as one of the options to think about.

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