Ultra Naira Loan App: Get Instant Loan, Customer review and requirements

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Ultra Naira Loan app allows you access to loan up to N500,000 within a short time to meet urgent personal or business financial needs you may have, by simply downloading the app and taking few steps we will discuss in this article.

Benefits Of Ultra Naira Loan App

From the information available from the offerers, Ultra naira Loan app has the following benefits which you stand to get if you use the service:

    • Ultra Naira loan app provides modern and reliable loan service.
    • 24 hours online loan application.
    • All transactions are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.
    • All data is transmitted over a secure connection.
    • Your data will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.
  • Your data is completely safe with ultra naira.

How To Apply For Ultra Naira Loan

To apply for Ultra naira Loan is simply very easy.

Just follow the steps listed below:

1. Download and Install the Ultra naira app from play store
2.Log in to the app by registering with your phone number.
3.Fill in the basic information
4.Submit KYC documents and apply.
5.Once application is approved, loan will be directly transferred   to your bank account.

Ultra Naira Loan Terms And Conditions

Some of the terms and conditions for granting of Ultra naira loans include the following:


To qualify to apply for Ultra Naira loan, you must be between 18 – 60 years old

2. Loan Tenure:

Ultra Naira loan tenure is between 91 days -and 180days

3.Loans range

Loans given by Ultra Naira ranges from ₦ 10,000 to ₦ 500,000

4.Interest Rate

The interest rate charged by Ultra naira per annum ranges from 10% to 35%.

Ultra Naira Loan Interest Computation

To give you an idea of how Ultra Naira loan interest is arrived at, study the loan calculation example below using interest rate of 30% per annum:
Loan amount: ₦ 10,000, APR: 30%, loan tenure: 91 days.
The total amount to pay on the due date is
Interest: 748=10,000 x 30%/365 x 91
Total amount to repay: 10,748= 10,000 + 748
Monthly amount to repay:3,583 =10,748 / 3

Ultra Naira App Review/Feedback Information From users:

Many customers and users of Ultra naira app comment that the app is good and works as outlined above.

Some users however have complained about the app not fully living up to the specifications mentioned by the developers particularly in the areas of interest rate being so high and loan not being disbursed timely.

You need therefore to weigh carefully these comments before taken your decision on this Loan.

Contact information Of Owners Of Ultra Naira Loan App

In case you encounter any issues in the course of using the app or needs clarifications, feel free to contact the owners of the loan product using the contact details below:

Email:[email protected]
Address: 56C Olorunlogbon St, Lagos.


Clearly, from this article we have seen that Ultra Naira Loan app allows you access to loan up to N500,000 within a short time to meet urgent personal or business financial needs you may have by simply downloading the app and taking few simple steps.

In as much as this is a fine facility, not be ignored completely are the comments made by some of the app users as mentioned above.

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