KoboGo loan app- How To Get The Loan Instantly, Requirements And Reviews

KoboGo loan app is an online loan platform that gives easy cash loans to customers in Nigeria unsecured. Infact, you do not need any paperwork, upfront fee, or collateral to get a loan from them unlike bank loan. This loan app is the easiest way to get online loan of up to ₦100,000  in just one minute.

This article will provide a  comprehensive review of this loan app as provided by the owners of kobogo loan app. With this loan app, there is no need to visit banks, provide income statements, search for guarantors, or collateral.

How to get KoboGo loan Instantly


1. Download the KoboGo loan app from Google play store. 

2. Register and apply within 1 minute.

3. Choose the desired amount and term in which you plan to return it.

4. Click “Receive” and in case of a positive decision, get money on the card!

Benefits Of KoboGo loan

1.Infact, this loan app is convenient and profitable. To get an online credit without refusal, there is no need to go to the branch and adjust to its working hours.

2. Moreover, you can get an online credit 24/7. All applications are processed within a few seconds!

3. Returning an online credit is as easy as getting it. This can be done in your personal account or at the bank’s cash desk. We do not charge any fees or additional hidden fees.

4.Getting a credit online with our app is safe and comfortable. If you need money for a longer term, there is a “prolongation” service that allows you to extend the contract as many times as you want on favorable terms for the client.

Requirements To Get KoboGo Loan

To get a credit loan, you only need BVN.

Features of the loan app

• Minimum term of using the credit: 65 days.
• Maximum term of using the credit: 90 days.
• Minimum annual interest rate: 3.711%.
• Maximum annual interest rate: 438%.
• Minimum age to get a credit: 18 years.

Example of interest rate calculation:
Third credit, interest rate of 1.2% per day:
10,000 NGN for 65 days, the amount to be paid is 17,800 NGN.
10,000 NGN of principal debt + 7,800 NGN of accrued interest.

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How to repay KoboGo loan 

To repay your credit, log in to the KoboGo app and follow the prompts. Ensure to repay your credits before the due date to improve your credit rating, gain access to higher credit amounts, longer terms, and lower interest rates in the credit app.

KoboGo Private Policy

Note: Please make sure to read their privacy policy carefully to gain a clear understanding of how they collect, use, protect, or otherwise handle your personal information in accordance with their website and application. They take privacy seriously – all data you decide to share with them is encrypted and they promise that your personal information will never be transferred without your consent.

Is KoboGo loan app legit?

Yes, this loan app is legit as it is approved by CBN. It has also been confirmed that they give out loans to customers who apply. To learn more about how they operate.

Reviews From Customers Of KoboGo

please check their customer reviews on playstore 

KoboGo customer care service

For additional information, questions or feedback, please visit their website and review the frequently asked questions section on their website at kobogo.ng.

You can contact them through the details provided below

Phone number: 

+234 170 024 64

+234 170 024 65

Email: [email protected]

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