Singapore – Why The Best Country For High Return On Investment


Do you own a business and are currently considering expansion into a country where returns are high? Or Are you an Entrepreneur with some money considering to invest  in a country where return on investment is high? Then this article is for you.

In this article, we will examine some of the main reasons why Singapore is considered in some quarters as the best country to invest in when it comes to high return on investment.

Why Consider Country To Invest IN

It is very important to consider seriously the countries to invest in before venturing given the following reasons:

1. Consequence On Executives

Corporate decisions about where to headquarter a company, expand operations or otherwise invest capital can hold consequences for business executives as it can grow their profile if successful or otherwise ruin their career

2. Consequence On Countries

The outcome of this kind of Investment decision can affect either positively or negatively the economy of both the home country of the investor as well as the host country of the investment.

3. Consequence On The Bottom line Of The Organization.

International investment is capable of benefiting a firm’s bottom line either positively or otherwise just as it affects the nation’s economic development.

USNews Survey That Adjudged Singapore The Best Country To Invest In

A companion to the overall 2023 Best Countries rankings from U.S. News, the 2023 Best Countries to Invest In rankings are drawn from a global survey of more than 17,000 people and highlight countries according to how they are perceived among a segment of approximately 4,600 respondents considered “business decision-makers” – senior leaders in an organization or small-business owners who employ others. The list is based on these respondents’ association of countries with eight particular attributes: corrupt, dynamic, economically stable, entrepreneurial, favorable tax environment, innovative, skilled labor force and technological expertise. This survey considered Singapore to invest in.

For a full report on this survey visit the USNews website below:

Reasons why Singapore Is Considered The Country With Best Return On Investment (ROI)

1. High GDP

Singapore has a high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over $460 Billion.

2. High GDP Per Capita

Singapore has a high Gross Domestic Product per capita of the population of over $127,000 which quite good for the economy.

3. High GDP Growth rate

It is on record that Singapore has a very high GDP growth rate. The world bank reports that in the decades after independence, Singapore rapidly developed from a low-income country to a high-income country. GDP growth in the city-state has been amongst the world’s highest, at an average of 7.7% since independence and topping 9.2% in the first 25 years.

4. Rapid Industrialization

After rapid industrialization in the 1960s catapulted the island nation’s development trajectory, manufacturing became the main driver of growth. In the early 1970s, Singapore reached full employment and joined the ranks of Hong Kong SAR, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan a decade later as Asia’s newly industrializing economies. The manufacturing and services sectors remain the twin pillars of Singapore’s high value-added economy. For more details on this, see the world bank Report.

5. Business Friendly Regulatory Environment

Singapore provides the world’s most business friendly Regulatory environment.

For more details visit the world bank website:

Overview of Singapore

Before venturing into Singapore, it is good to first take an over of this business investment heaven summarized as follows:

1. Brief History

Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in the 19th century, it is a bustling metropolis in Southeast Asia and home to one of the world’s busiest ports. The vast majority of its 5.7 million citizens live on the eponymous capital island, and dozens of surrounding islands complete the city state.

2. Singapore”s Government And Laws

Singapore gained self governance in 1959, and in 1963 joined the Federation of Malaysia. In 1965 it left the federation and became independent as the Republic of Singapore. Today, it operates under a conservative parliamentary republic that is world-renowned for its strict laws and tight regulation. While safety and security serve as a major point of pride, residents and visitors are subject to harsh penalties for chewing gum, littering and more.

3. Economy Of Singapore

One of Asia’s four economic tigers, Singapore has seen impressive growth in recent years as efficient manufacturing and production practices have made way for free-market innovation in the booming electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Gross domestic product per capita is high and unemployment is low, making Singapore one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Singapore headquarters the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and is a member of a number of additional international organizations, including the ASEAN Regional Forum, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

4. Population And Space

Singapore is densely populated, with most citizens living in urban high-rises. The Singaporean government has forecasted exponential population growth in the coming decades, with immigrants expected to account for more than half of the population by 2030.

Space constraints coupled with rapid population growth contribute to concerns about the rising cost of living and income inequality. Conservation, land reclamation efforts and improved environment-friendly practices amid the urbanization and industrial pollution are also a focus.

5. Language

Four official languages – Mandarin, English, Malay and Tamil – cater to the diverse population of a nation that has been an important gateway for international trade. Many also speak Singlish, a slang dialect. Local cuisine blends elements of Chinese, Indian and Western traditions, among others, as do the architecture and local festivals.

For more information visit the usnews website:

In conclusion, it is our belief that the information we have shared in this article pertaining to the reasons why Singapore should be considered as best for return on Investment with respect to it’s rising GDP and business friendly environment as well as the overview of the country we have shared will help you when faced with international investment decision.


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